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Profile of Ferdi D'souza

"From Est to Landmark... and beyond"

Ferdi D'souza was one of those privileged few who met and worked with Werner Erhard. Ferdi brought Werner Erhard's Landmark Forum (Then called EST), to India. He set up and built the Country Operations of Landmark Education from scratch to three large international standard offices with operations in a total of six cities in India.

Currently a UK based, internationally recognized course leader in transformational education, training and development for public, company and institutional audiences; Ferdi is able to introduce leading edge methodologies to the issues facing people, individuals, groups and organizations. He has a reputation for inspirational leadership and the effective management of complex projects - from concept to delivery.

Over the past 30 years Ferdi worked at Landmark, SLP Global -UK, and JMJ Associates- UK. He has trained/coached effective leadership and communication skills and personal development to individuals, business professionals and community heads in USA, Canada, Europe New Zealand, Australia, India, Dubai, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. He coached and developed senior trainers, sales and production managers in a large and reputed training and development organization.

International Consultant, World Leader in Personal Transformation, Leadership Development, Master Coach & Trainer... are what some people call him.

In India he has worked with companies such as:

  • Lava International
  • Team Computers
  • Innov
  • Vijay Fire Group of Companies
  • TechAhead.

    Around the world he has left his mark in companies such as:

  • Chevron - Khazakastan
  • GDF - Suez,
  • Conoco Phillips - UK
  • Talisman Sinopec - UK
  • BHP Billiton Aluminium -SA
  • Network Rail - UK
  • Standard Life - UK
  • Exim Bank of India - UK

    He is currently very actively working on delivering his unique program called Leadership from the Emerging Future, which is based on work by Dr. Otto Schramer if MIT.

    View Ferdi's website and his detailed Linkedin Profile and References here.
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